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Upcoming Events:

February 13, Wildlife-friendly Yard Tour

February 25, Native Pollinators: Ecology and Identification (at FSU)

See the January-February newsletter for articles about these events.

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January-February 2016 Newsletter

Jan.-Feb. 2016

On Sale Now!

Great Birding Spots in Tallahassee Florida and Surrounding Areas

Great Birding Spots

in Tallahassee, Florida

and Surrounding Areas

Available now! The 2nd edition of Great Birding Spots in Tallahassee and Surrounding Areas, authored by AAS member Bob Henderson.

This new 140-plus page edition has info on 66 birding hot spots in and around Tallahassee, nearly twice as many as the first edition, and features an introduction by Mark Hohmeister who is Associate Editor at the Tallahassee Democrat when he’s not birding. And this edition includes marvelous bird photos taken by AAS board member Nick Baldwin. We left captions off the photos so you can test your bird ID skills, but the IDs are listed at the back of the book if you’re stumped.

You can buy the books directly from the chapter by contacting Harvey Goldman. Email Harvey at goldman@hep.fsu.edu or call (850) 385-5222. Each book costs $21.50, including tax.

You can also purchase copies at: