November 17, 2016

Climate Change – So What?
Michelle Taliaferro

Michelle Taliaferro

Michelle Taliaferro

Thursday, November 17
Reception:  7:00 p.m.
Business Meeting:  7:15 p.m.
Program:  7:30 p.m.
Location:  The King Life Sciences Building, 319 Stadium Drive, FSU, 32304
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Climate change and mankind’s role in this phenomenon are often topics of debate and disbelief in the mind of the public. This talk, meant for a general audience, will cover the basics of climate change, often a nebulous concept, along with specific examples of ways in which a changing climate impacts living things. Join us as we discuss phenology –  the timing (and mismatch) of biological events, species range shifts, extinction risk, and threats to human health, all associated with climate change. A variety of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and their inhabitants, will be addressed.

Michelle (Shelly) Taliaferro is a biology lecturer at Auburn University at Montgomery (Alabama). She is a birder and a big-time fan of whooping cranes. Her background is in aquatic biology, particularly in the use of macroinvertebrate sampling to assess ecosystem integrity of restored systems. Previous work includes ecological monitoring in the Kissimmee River restoration area (Florida) and restored wetlands at a Nature Conservancy preserve on the eastern shore of Maryland. Besides birds and bugs, Shelly’s interests include kayaking, caving, travel, and introducing her students to the wonders of nature. In recent years, she has travelled with students, on study abroad, to Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands. Currently, Shelly is making plans to travel with students to Madagascar – a global hotspot of biodiversity, to observe its many rare endemic species, including the lemurs.