Dara Miles Wilson fell in love with ecology while walking rehabilitated mountain lions in Bolivia’s Amazonian jungle. The experience resulted in a fascination with nature that transcended into deep questioning concerning issues of access, opportunity, visibility, and narratives.

She has an affinity for watching organisms (people, plants, pets, & things) interact with their environment. Dara has had the pleasure of interpreting wildlife at the Smithsonian National Zoo, conducting microsurgery on passerine birds in tropical primary and secondary rainforests, and fighting invasive/non-native plant species in Florida’s panhandle.

After graduating with a BA in International Development from the American University School of International Service, Dara immediately relocated to the Republic of Panamá to support conservation-based community and education events in response to global amphibian declines. Shortly thereafter, Dara began seriously birdwatching. The combination of living in a remote part of Panamá in a former Canal township nestled in a protected national park and living with a graduate research ornithologist helped Dara foster an obsession with birds that she has carried with her since.

Dara hails from Silver Spring, MD in the suburban outskirts of the DC metropolitan area. She lives in Tallahassee with her dog and turtles.