Lake Elberta Park is one of Tallahassee’s best kept birding secrets, tucked away in a historic African American neighborhood between Florida A&M University and Florida State University. Apalachee Audubon received a special Audubon grant to help restore the lake and share its significance with the diverse Tallahassee communities nearby. Students from both local universities are receiving scholarships to serve as local Audubon ambassadors. With the resources and support of Apalachee Audubon members, these ambassadors work with the community to restore the lake and teach diverse populations about the importance of this local natural treasure.

Believe it or not, Lake Elberta Park currently ranks #4 in terms of bird species observed at a given place in Leon County. In fact, I know several birders who made the park their first stop when visiting Tallahassee due to its ease of access and diversity. Rarities like red-necked grebe and magnificent frigatebird have been seen there but, even on “slow” days, a casual birder should be able to see 20-25 species of birds simply by walking the paved path around the lake. - Peter Kleinhenz