Birdathon 2002 total consolidated bird species list

List of 162 avian species seen during any 24 hour period in the week April 20 to April 28. 
Areas "birded" include: Local Tallahassee and Wakulla County areas, San Luis Mission Park, Springhill Road Spray Fields, Wakulla Springs State Park, St Marks NWR, Bald Point, Aligator Point, Carrabelle, and St George Island. 

 Apalachee Audubon Society, Inc. Spring 2002 Bird-a-thon List (162 species)
Common LoonLesser YellowlegsTufted Titmouse
Pied-billed GrebeWillet Brown-headed Nuthatch
Northern GannetSolitary Sandpiper Carolina Wren
American White Pelican Spotted SandpiperHouse Wren
Brown PelicanWhimbrel Marsh Wren
Double-crested Cormorant Marbled Godwit Ruby-crowned Kinglet
AnhingaRuddy TurnstoneBlue-gray Gnatcatcher
Least BitternRed Knot Eastern Bluebird
Great Blue Heron Sanderling American Robin
Great EgretWestern SandpiperGray Catbird
Snowy EgretLeast SandpiperNorthern Mockingbird
Little Blue HeronDunlin Brown Thrasher
Tri-colored HeronShort-billed Dowitcher Loggerhead Shrike
Cattle Egret Long-billed DowitcherEuropean Starling
Green HeronCommon Snipe Cedar Waxwing
Black-crowned Night-HeronLaughing GullWhite-eyed Vireo
White Ibis Ring-billed Gull Blue-headed Vireo
Glossy IbisHerring Gull Yellow-throated Vireo
Wood Stork Caspian Tern Red-eyed Vireo
Black vultureRoyal Tern Northern Parula
Turkey Vulture Foster's TernBlack-throated Blue Warbler
Canada Goose Least Tern Black-throated Green Warbler
Wood DuckSandwich TernYellow-rumped Warbler
MallardBlack SkimmerYellow-throated Warbler
Blue-winged Teal Rock DovePine Warbler
Northern ShovelerEurasian Collared-Dove Prairie Warbler
Lesser Scaup Mourning DovePalm Warbler
Greater ScaupCommon Ground-Dove Blackpoll Warbler
Red-breasted Merganser Yellow-billed Cuckoo Black and White Warbler
Bufflehead Eastern Screech-OwlProthonotary Warbler
Muscovy Duck Great Horned Owl Kentucky Warbler
Osprey Barred Owl Hooded Warbler
Swallow-tail KiteCommon Nighthawk Common Yellowthroat 
Mississippi Kite Chuck-will's Widow Yellow-breasted Chat
Bald Eagle Chimney SwiftSummer Tanager
Northern Harrier Ruby-throated HummingbirdNorthern Cardinal 
Red-Shouldered HawkBelted KingfisherRose-breasted Grosbeak
Red-tailed HawkRed-headed WoodpeckerIndigo Bunting
Broad-wing HawkRed-bellied Woodpecker Eastern Towhee
Wild TurkeyDowny Woodpecker Savannah Sparrow
Northern BobwhiteNorthern Flicker Swamp Sparrow 
Clapper Rail Pileated WoodpeckerSeaside Sparrow 
Sora Acadian Flycatcher Song Sparrow
Purple Gallinule Great Crested Flycatcher White-throated Sparrow
Common Moorhen Eastern Kingbird Bobolink
American CootGray KingbirdRed-winged Blackbird
Black-bellied Plover Purple MartinBoat-tailed Grackle 
Wilson's PloverTree Swallow Common Grackle
Semipalmated PloverNorthern Rough-winged SwallowBrown-headed Cowbird
Killdeer Barn Swallow Orchard Oriole
American Oystercatcher Blue Jay Baltimore Oriole
Black-necked Stilt American CrowHouse Finch 
American AvocetFish CrowAmerican Goldfinch
Greater Yellowlegs Carolina Chickadee House Sparrow